Five ways to improve your sex life in your day to day

No need for miracle pills, improving your sex life also depends on your habits. In this article we are sharing top five tricks to help you with this situation.Click here for sexshop.

Look for the real problem, don’t treat the symptoms

Resorting to pills such as Viagra is a mistake and can cause side effects. Doctor suggests looking for the real problem, not just focusing on the symptoms. For example, changing eating habits and eating a healthy diet is beneficial for sexual activity. Visit this site for sexshop.

Don’t get exhausted with your gym routines

The workouts high intensity make your body expels large amounts of cortisol, which the hormonal revolution neutralizes testosterone which is the hormone that arouses your sexual desire. As in many things in this life, the key is in the balance: perform routines of lower intensity or more focused on gaining strength, beyond strenuous cardio sessions.

your sex life

Analyze your routine and your body

You can be eating perfectly and exercising in a balanced way and meditating, but if you only sleep six hours later … so that will be the weak point we try to identify. And then you have to test your hypothesis.” Basically: monitor, analyze and control what you do and then apply it to your health.

Elevate your testosterone levels

From flaxseed to green tea, there are foods that increase testosterone levels in your body and reactivate your libido, so a large part of your sexual health is in your eating habits.

Just relax

The last thing Doctor recommends is very simple: relax and reduce your stress levels. Anything that reduces your stress will raise your testosterone levels. Taking care of your mental health can be as important to your sex life as taking care of your body.